69% of employers require English on the job.

In today’s job market, speaking English is becoming a necessary skill.  

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There’s nothing more frustrating than sitting in a meeting and not understanding what people or talking about.  

Or, you understand them, but you don’t know how to say what you are thinking.  

Maybe you’ve got a networking event to attend and have no idea how to do small talk.  

Or, maybe you’ve just seen a posting for your dream job, but the CV and interview must be in English.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

I can help you.  I have worked with professionals in a variety of industries to help them communicate with confidence and clarity. 

What others have to say

Her attention to detail and her keen understanding of issues of audience have been evident in the projects she developed at UMBC.
Denise Meringolo, PhD
Director of Public History
Laura is a dynamic and conscientious teacher. I am happy to recommend her!
Barbara Born
Frankfurt, Germany

My teaching philosophy

Most of my clients speak English pretty well, but they haven’t had an English lesson in years!  How are they supposed to suddenly dig up all that old knowledge and use it confidently after this time?

That’s where I come in.  I will work with you to guide you through the grammar and vocabulary you actually need in a way that you will understand.  Our sessions are a safe space where you can make mistakes and, more importantly, learn from them.  

I want you to be so confident, that you don’t just speak English.
I want you to own it! 


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And finally, a little about me

I am an American originally from the Washington, DC suburbs.  While stationed in Frankfurt, Germany in the mid-1980s (I was a solider in the US Army), I met and married a very nice British chap.  Since then, we’ve bounced back and forth between  the US, and the UK – which means I understand the language and cultural differences between the two countries. (And they are much greater than you think!)

Professionally, I have a background in both for-profit and non-profit businesses.  I hold a CELTA qualification to teach English, as well as an MA in History and a BA in History and writing.   

Let’s get you started on this journey.  I don’t want you to just learn English.  I want you to own it!  Contact me today!

Get my free guide: Top Tips for Conference Calls!