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Why Marshallsay English?

Great question!  I’m different from most English language trainers because of my unique background.  I am a CELTA qualified English teacher, but I’m also an experienced business person, I’ve worked as a public historian for the US National Park Service, served on the board of directors for two non-profits, and have edited academic journal submissions and doctoral dissertations.  I’ve even worked as a tour guide!

Basically, I’m passionate about words and how they can be used effectively and simply.  I can help a museum write panels that everyone can understand one day, and help an engineer explain a complex concept to management the next.

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What others are saying about Marshallsay English

“Laura’s superior command of the English language, meticulous attention to detail, and exceptional editing not only helped me get an article accepted for publication but also reduced the amount of time I had to spend on revisions after it passed through the peer review. I will use Marshallsay English for all of my future editing needs.”

James Risk, PhD
University of South Carolina

“As the coordinator of UMBC’s public history track, I have had the pleasure of working with Laura Marshallsay as she has emerged as a consummate public history professional. Her attention to detail and her keen understanding of issues of audience have been evident in the projects she developed at UMBC.

Denise Meringolo, PhD
Director of Public History, University of MD Baltimore County

“Some organizational skills can be learned through formal training, but the personality required to be an effective liaison cannot. Laura has this needed personality trait.”

Vince V.
Chief of Visitor Services, USNPS

Laura Marshallsay is a proud member of

National Council on Public History
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English Langauge Teachers Association Frankfurt
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