Behold the power of the verb: a true Christmas story

Nativity scene

I love reading human interest stories this time of year – you know, stories that really aren’t news but they make you feel good.  I was reading just such a story in The Guardian this week when I came across this sentence:

A camel, cow and donkey that were found roaming together along a Kansas road have been booked to appear in a Christmas Nativity scene.

I was a bit confused.  I hadn’t finished my first up of coffee yet and was making assumptions.  Were the animals booked to do the nativity scene first, then got away?  Or had … Read the rest

How to give a great holiday toast in English

I love this time of year. Here in Frankfurt, we have the Christmas Market – which is one of the most wonderful things about living in this city. Then there are all the lovely Christmas parties I’m invited to. Some of these are business events, others are private parties. But the parties all have one thing in common: someone has to give the toast.

I’ve been to events where the toast was so good it had me close to tears. In that same vein, I’ve been to holiday parties where the toast was so bad, it also had me close … Read the rest