How to make an impact – learn to write an impact statement!

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I want you to imagine this situation:  You are in charge of a project that is costing your company millions.  But you have everything under control.  You have kept a very close eye on every step of the project and, because of that, you are actually two weeks ahead of schedule.

The fact that you are two weeks ahead of schedule is an outcome – something that happens as a result of an activity or process.  And being two weeks ahead of schedule is great!  But why it is important?  The answer to that question comes in your impact statement.… Read the rest

The professional benefits of volunteering

Landing a job that requires experience presents a real Catch-22 situation for anyone trying to break into a new field. How are you supposed to get professional experience if no one will give you a job to get that experience?

That was the situation I found myself in after I graduated with my BA in history. I wanted to work in the museum field and go on to graduate school. But every job, even entry-level ones, wanted experience working in a museum and/or a master’s degree.   It seemed like a vicious circle that I could never break. Luckily for me, … Read the rest