English language training

My language training focuses on the skills you need to learn rather than achieving a specific level; for example, I don’t offer classes to get you to B2.  Instead, I offer one-to-one four-week courses on topics such as:

  • Improving your conversational English
  • Improving grammar
  • Writing skills (emails, reports, etc.)
  • Presentation skills
  • Thesis/dissertation defense
  • Negotiations and meetings
  • CV help
  • Interview skills

If you need help with a skill not listed here, please contact me.  Consultations are always free!

Some FAQs

  • One hour per week for 4 weeks: €250
  • Two hours per week for 4 weeks:  €450
  • 10% discount for follow-on weeks

Four weeks is enough to see real improvement if we focus on a specific goal.  Of course, when we come to the end of the four weeks, you can book the next four – and with a 10% discount!  This isn’t limiting you to the number of lessons you take.  It’s focusing what we do in those lessons

I don’t do test prep. 

I teach those who have at least a basic level of English – B1.  Unfortunately, I don’t teach A1/A2 – those just starting to learn English.

I don’t.  This is because my lessons are extremely focused on the needs of the individual learner.