Interpretive Consulting

Go further than translation. Create texts and tours that communicate your message clearly.

What I offer and how it's different

Most sites that advertise language services for museums simply do translations.  They promise highly-accurate translations that sound natural with correct grammar.  But what they don’t have is a deep understanding of how to write the text so that it is accessible to the largest audience possible.

Creating accessible texts

Often, visitors don’t speak the language of the area, but they do speak English.

The problem is, most non-native English speakers only have an intermediate understanding of the language.  That means communicating your exhibit or tour in a way everyone can understand (both native and non-native speakers) without over-simplifying.

Even if a translator (or translation tool) is used, the translation doesn’t always work with the medium.  For example, a written translation in English might be fine, but when you try to use that as an audio script, you might have trouble.  If your sentences are too long, the listener will not be able to follow them.  If your sentences are too short, your audio will not flow and will sound choppy.

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Presentation, storytelling, and cultural comprehension

Do you have a lot of interesting information, but are having trouble putting it together in a story people can follow?  

Or maybe you think people will understand the context of your information, but don’t.

Or maybe you are dealing with a difficult or controversial subject, and don’t know how to present it to the public.

I can help with that!  Contact me today and let’s chat about your upcoming projects.

Why Marshallsay English?

Laura Marshallsay is an experienced historian, writer, and English trainer.  These skills give her a unique perspective.  She has a deep understanding of historical interpretation and how well non-native English speakers will understand that interpretation. 

What others are saying about Marshallsay English

Laura is a proud member of the National Council on Public History (NCPH)