Online and Blended Courses

Learning options for the busy professional.

Complex Emails Made Simple

One course – three options!  

Writing professional emails shouldn’t be difficult.  This new course shows you how to get it right every time.  Learn how to structure an email, get the tone and formality right, and how to write difficult emails.


Introduction to Activism & Advocacy

This is a FREE course!

Do you go to protests, talk to people so they will sign your petition, or volunteer your time for something you are passionate about?  If so, you are an activist.  Learn how to find a great organisation, how to read a vision and mission statement, and more!


Socialising and Small Talk

Coming soon!

Many people think small talk is a waste of time.  It’s not!  It’s a valuable way to build your network.  People work with people they like, which means you can achieve your goals much easier.  Learn how with this new course.